Café Mam

Changing the World Through Coffee

Café Mam is celebrating our 31st year of great coffee, and working toward environmental and social justice!

Café Mam is a family-owned and operated coffee company based in Eugene, Oregon. Our roots go deep in organic agriculture, and our foundation is built on principles of ethical sourcing, sustainability, environmentalism, cultural identity, human dignity, and of course high quality, fresh and locally roasted coffee.

Since our inception in 1990, we have only sourced 100% organic (certified by Oregon Tilth) and fairly traded (certified by SPP and Fair Trade USA) coffee from indigenous cooperatives in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. The growers, primarily of the Mam, Tzetzal and Mochó peoples, are organized according to egalitarian democratic ideals that emphasize hard work, responsibility to the cooperative, and high standards.

The cooperatives’ programs provide countless benefits to outlying native communities. Each purchase of Café Mam coffee helps support their goals of honoring and healing the earth, self-sufficiency, political independence, sustainable development of rural communities, child welfare (including education and nutrition), defense of indigenous cultural identity, and education in organic agriculture.

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