Frontier Co-op

Sustainable Spices, Herbs & Teas

Who knew botanicals could be life changing? We did. For 40 years and counting, we’ve worked side-by-side with growers in countries all over the world. Through our Well Earth program, we help small farmers from Oregon to Sri Lanka improve their well-being and livelihoods through long-term investments in technology and training to improve quality and efficiency on their farms. But we don’t stop there. We invest in their communities, improving access to fresh water, medical and dental care, and educational opportunities along the way.

Just as we strive to do right by our people, we’re also committed to doing the right thing for our planet. We take pride in our sustainably sourced seasonings, herbs, teas, and ingredients. And we offer certified organic and non-GMO products whenever possible. Because when you respect the health and welfare of your planet, your people and your customers—it shows in everything you do.

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