Juniper Ridge

Inspired by Nature

We all feel the difference when we encounter something truly wild: we awaken a little more, relax a little bit, our minds a little bit calmer. The staff at Juniper Ridge have spent the last twenty years journeying across the western United States, perfecting scent profiles of the majestic landscapes. We slept under the stars in the Mojave desert, and hiked through the towering redwoods at the west coast’s edge to create aromatic studies of each ecosystem. Juniper Ridge uses sustainably harvested plants and traditional-distillation techniques to handcraft our home and body care products in our Oakland, California workshop. As much as we feel the wilderness calling, we can’t always get out to the places where we feel most alive and free, so when you can’t make it out there, bring nature home.

Juniper Ridge began back in 1998, when founder Hall Newbegin started selling his own small batch, wildharvested products at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market. Over the last 20 years, Hall built Juniper Ridge into a classic west coast home and body care brand. His goal was to share the restorative fragrances of the plants and trees he encountered backpacking throughout the western United States through our products. He learned to encapsulate how he felt in those wild places and bring that wild back into our everyday lives. Sadly, we lost him in June 2020, but under the leadership of our COO Leah Fritts, a longtime member of the Juniper Ridge family, we continue the work that Hall started.
Today, Juniper Ridge is a women-led, independent company of thirteen people based on the O2 Artists Aggregate, a sustainable eco-industrial lot, in Oakland, California. From this homebase, our diverse, committed team formulates, manufactures and ships our home and body care offerings around the world.

From beginning to end, we handcraft our products in a way that reflects our relationship to the environment and our community. Combining wildharvested and sustainably harvested flora, with upcycled trees removed by forest management for fire mitigation, we make all our essential oils from scratch. After gathering the organic material at our home in Oakland, California, the Juniper Ridge team uses time-honored perfuming techniques to steam-distill our essential oils. These clean, authentic oils form the basis of our hand-bottled and sustainably-packaged home and body care offerings.
At Juniper Ridge we never use synthetic perfumes. All our products are free of parabens, phthalates, preservatives, and dyes. We think it’s important to demonstrate respect for the environment at every level, so our products are cruelty free and packaged in SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) paper.
Without any toxic and artificial chemicals, we bring ourselves and customers closer to the wild places we so revere.

Stewardship & Responsibility
Inspired by the outdoors, we think it’s crucial to show up for the environment. That’s why we founded our Western Wilderness Defense Fund. Every year, through our Wilderness Defense Program, we donate 10% of our profits or 1% of our sales (whichever is greater) to organizations that fight to keep the wilderness wild. Hall Newbegin started this practice at the beginning of Juniper Ridge with tiny checks of $100 dollars, sometimes even less, and today we’ve been able to donate over a quarter of million dollars to the cause Juniper Ridge brings the spirit of the wild into our everyday life, so we’ve made a commitment to protect the wild places that inspire us. We know that unless we take action to protect our wilderness, it will disappear.

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