Maple Valley Cooperative

A Sustainable Superfood

The 12 team members at Maple Valley Co-op are an interesting and unique mix of folks and we’re not all located in Wisconsin either! And, although we're a diverse group in many ways, we come together under a common vision for a healthy world where nature is protected, people cooperate and communities are strong. Where relationships and integrity matter. Where we have the courage to act and to try new things! We will not sacrifice our values in the face of challenge. And you’re a part of our team too. We see you! We know you’re with us in this vision, you have hope and are doing your part. We’d love to hear from you more and we’re working on ways to deepen our connection. Together we are stronger!

Maple Valley is a cooperative owned by farmers, employees, customers, vendors, and investors with sales in excess of $2M annually. Our mission is to produce and market the finest organic maple syrup products with fair and sustainable methods while respecting our farmers, our employees, our customers, our vendors, the environment and our communities.

Our maple syrup products are certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten and allergen free, delicious, high-quality and crafted in small batches. We produce a sustainable Superfood from the way our 30+ family farms manage and care for their maple woods to our office and production facilities where the energy used is offset by a partnership with our community wind project.

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