Are Arts and Culture Human Rights?

A benefit arts and literary salon to support Cafe de la Culture and women in Afghanistan

6pm MST / 8pm EST

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A benefit arts and literary salon to support Cafe de la Culture and women in Afghanistan

Cafe de la Culture imagines a world where differences are welcome and enriching. We create safe spaces that lead us into deep collective conversations that humanize us in an otherwise divided and polarized world. We believe that diverse perspectives are essential assets for mutual learning, growth, and discovery. We catalyze curiosity, collaboration, new ideas and creative solutions to global problems.

Café de la Culture is a not-for-profit organization that creates artistic, cultural and educational experiences that build connection, community, and awareness.

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Help us educate and empower women in Afghanistan

Since the Taliban takeover in 2021, women in Afghanistan have been banned from schools and the workforce. They are prisoners of war in their own homes. Female artistic expression has been criminalized. Even well-educated women are now relegated to the home and strictly limited to domestic chores, forced marriages and child bearing. They cannot leave the house without a black hijab and their faces covered and in many areas they must have a male chaperone. It is taboo for them to talk about their feelings and ask questions about their bodies, health or sexuality, let alone seek mental health services. An overwhelming number are struggling with poverty and suicidal thoughts.

This campaign is an opportunity to help me to keep providing a college-level course on Empowerment and Feminism for approximately 30 women in Afghanistan ages 18-29 who must keep their identities hidden for their own safety. The class meets online three times per week through an underground school. These young women are risking their lives to pursue education and self-expression in a country where both are outlawed. They desperately need support from the outside.

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