Regeneration Renaissance Roundtable

a curated monthly meetup for Ambassadors

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Regeneration. Thriving. Stewardship.

Together we are cultivating a culture of THRIVING and SUSTAINABILITY!
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In these momentous and often challenging times, connecting in community is one of our essential ways to reduce stress and cultivate a deeper sense of calm, joy, and wellbeing while becoming stronger leaders.

Facilitated by the Y on Earth Community’s Core Team:

  • Adaptogen of the month

  • Daily thriving practice of the month Featured regeneration activity of the month

  • Healthy home hack of the month Insight/wisdom of the month

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu hold of the month

  • VIP guest presentation

  • Discussion (open to activated Ambassadors)

Plus, get special "insider announcements" about upcoming podcast episodes, workshops, and other events!

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