Tara 10th Grade Play

Available for viewing Saturday, March 13, at 3:00 pm through Sunday, March 14, at 11:59 pm

by Tara Performing Arts High School's Tara 10th Grade Play


by Sophokles 

Translation by Anne Carson

"Tara 10th Grade Class presents "Antigone" (Antigone - Maggie, Guard - Jinx)

Tara 10th Grade Class presents "Antigone" - (Antigone - Sophie, Guard - Val)

Tara Performing Arts High School’s Tenth Grade presents
Antigone by Sophokles,  translation by Anne Carson 

A man who values his earthly power above all else. A woman whose loyalty is pledged to a higher authority, come what may. 

A bitter conflict that can only be resolved in death.

Please join Tara's Tenth Grade Class for a new take on a very old story. 

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