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Joining the Platform

for Speakers

This tutorial will cover the information and steps necessary to join the event virtual platform and join a session as a speaker or panelist.


 >> Latest version of Chrome browser running on a laptop or desktop computer.

 >> Learn how to update your Chrome browser here.

How do I join a session as a Speaker and how to use the platform?

Step #1: Go to the Agenda in the top menu and then navigate to your session and click on "Join as Speaker" button.

  • Click on "Allow" button to allow camera and microphone access.

Step #2: Familiarize yourself with the entire control panel and menu options.

Step #3: Understand all of the options in Presenter Controls.

Step #4: Understand the Backstage Area. When you first join any Session as a Speaker, you will see "Practice Mode" in the bottom left corner under the video. This is the Backstage Area. When the Session goes live, you will see "LIVE" instead of "Practice Mode". The Tech Team will be in contact with you during this transition. 

Step #5: Understand all of the options in the Event Menu pane.

Step #6: There are four key areas in the Event Menu pane: Chat, Q&A, Polling, & Attendees/Participants. 

  • See Step #7 for more on General Chat & Panel Chat
  • Speakers won't be able to add or post any questions in the Q&A. They can only post answers to the posted questions by the audience. If you'd like to ask the audience a question, please use the General Chat.
  • Poll the audience by adding a custom poll in the Polling Tab. Be sure to hit the submit button after creating your poll.
  • See who is in the audience by clicking on the Attendees / Participants tab. 

Step #7: Understand the difference in Panel Chat & General Chat. Panel Chat is only for the Speakers on the stage - the audience will not see this chat. General Chat is the main chat for the entire Session. This includes the Speakers and the Audience. Toggle between them to chat during the session. 

Step #8: If you click on the "Leave Stage"  button in lower the right of your control panel, you will leave the stage and return to the Attendee platform area.

Best Practices for Presenters/Speakers:

Please ensure these are in place to ensure a smooth experience:

  1. We highly recommend that all the speakers/Panelists have downloaded and are operating with Google Chrome. Please see the link above for updating your Google Chrome Browser. 
  2. We recommend that you have stable internet connectivity for a seamless experience and conduct of the event.
  3. As a Speaker, please do not turn off your video during the Session unless absolutely necessary. The Tech Team is in complete control of whether the audience will see you or not. If you are "backstage" the audience will not see you. 
  4. Reminder: General Chat will appear for you as a Speaker and is a live chat with you, the other speakers on the stage and the audience. The Panel Chat will appear for you as a Speaker and is a separate chat that includes only the Speakers on the Stage. The audience will not be able to see the Panel Chat. 
  5. While sharing a screen to showcase your presentation, we recommend not sharing the entire screen and share a specific application window. This will allow you to take and maintain notes while the session goes on. 
  6. We recommend you coordinate and conduct a test with the organizers for Audio and Video prior to beginning your session.
  7. Please be available at least 30 minutes prior to your session time and try to keep the background noise to a minimum.

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