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Joining the Platform

for Attendees - Airmeet

This tutorial will cover the information and steps necessary to join the event virtual platform and participate at the event.


 >> Latest version of Chrome browser running on a laptop or desktop computer.

 >> Learn how to update your Chrome browser here.

How do I access a session?

The "Join The Session" button links will be viewable to attendees, the links will appear as we get closer to the event. The "Join" buttons will be visible in the Schedule next to each individual session. If there are no buttons visible, then it is not yet time for that event.

*Note: As an attendee, you will only be watching the event on the main stage. You will not need to enable your camera & microphone unless you are called up onto the stage.

I am on a live session, but having video/audio issues.

If you are experiencing issue while watching and participating during a session or on the platform overall, here are some steps to try:

  1. Camera & Mic: Please ensure you have enabled camera and mic permissions for this page
  2. Refresh the page: Most issues could be due to a temporary glitch and get resolved by a quick browser refresh
  3. Leave and rejoin: If the issue still persists, try leaving and rejoining the Platform
  4. Switch Network: VPNs and Firewall enabled networks could block some functionalities of the Platform. Try switching to a different network
  5. Browser Version: the Platform is best experienced in the latest version of Chrome on a laptop/Desktop. Kindly upgrade the browser or switch to a Laptop/Desktop if issue persists.

Do you really only support Chrome, why not my other favorite browser?

The event platform uses the latest in live video media technologies.

The platform is best experienced in the latest version of Chrome, as Chrome or Chromium based browsers include the latest audio visual technologies "baked-in".

You can try using the following browsers (provided you are using the latest version of these as well), but your experience may vary:

  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Opera

How do I access the event platform on my phone/mobile?

We do not recommend accessing the event via your mobile phone or via tablets. The platform is best experienced on a laptop or desktop computer. Numerous different areas of the platform may not be available to you if you join via phone or tablet. 

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